Web camera sex virt

Web camera sex virt

1-4-18: Q&A: and what SKP-FB; that's what THAEFB; lumbar HRAURPL; tumor TAOURPL; fracture TPRAUR; infection TPH-FBGZ; cervical S*EFRBLG; replace PHRA*EUS; replacement PHRA*EUFPLT; myself PHAOEUS; mice PHAO*EUS; fellow TPO*EL; foal TPOEL; twice a week TWAOEUFBG; once a week WUFBG; like a HRAEBG; primary PRAERPL; primarily PRAERL; assistant SAPBT; assistance SAPBS; assist ASZ; Dr.L TKR*L; with respect to WR-PT; with respect to the WR-PTD; two days TWODZ; I mean *EUPL; it means T*PLZ.

Lit: study STEUD; studying STEUGD; poker POERBG; search SEFRPB; research REFRPB; researcher R*EFRPB; artificial TEURBL; official TPEURBL; intelligent SPWELGT; intelligence SPWELGS; imagine PHAPBLG; computer KPAOURT; would be able to WAOBLT; to be able to TOBLT; defeat TKWAOET; human HAOUPL; lifetime HRAOEUFT; professor PROEFR; doctorate TKORBGT; developed TKWOPD; software SW-R; capable KAEUPBL; success SUS; successful SUFLS; successfully S*UFLS.12-20-17: Q&A: you testified UFTD; you testified earlier UFRTD; how did you TKHU; how do you TKHAOU; how did you find TKHUFD; how do you find TKHAOUFD; how do you get TKHAO*UGT; how did you get TKH*UGT; prior to PRAO; what you just WHA*UPBLG; I just *EUPBLG; it was just T*FPBLGS; as an SA*PBZ; San SA*PB; is an SAPB; ginormous SKWRAOEURPLS; picture PEURBGT; picket PEUBGT; I listen EUFPBL; you listen UFPBL; I listened EUFPBLD; when you look WHUBLG; I look EUBLG; when you look at WHUBLGT; when you look at the WHUBLGTD; I didn't think KWR*EUPBG; you didn't think TKWR*EUPBG; I get *EUGT; you get *UGT; you got *UGTD; how old are you HAOURLD.Lit: invest TPHEF; resources ROURSZ; witness W-PBS; enact TPHABGT; drive TKRAO*EUF; derive TKRAOEUF; incur KRUR; chimpanzee KH*EUFRP; human HAOUPL; behave PWHA*EUF; behavior PWHA*EUFR; empathy KPWA*ET; revenge R*EFPBLG; primate PRAOEUPLT; compare KPAEUR; comparative KPA*EUFRT; assemble SAEFRPL; unique TPHAOEBG; series SAOERZ; series of SAOEFRZ; aside SA*ED; satisfied SAED; satisfy SAE; assess SES; access S*ES; punish PEURB; victim SREUBGT.12-18-17: Q&A: at the time of the accident TEFBGS; right foot RAOEUFT; left foot TPHREFT; rate of speed RAEUPS; less than HREPBS; part of PAFRT; part of the PAFRTD; front of TPROF; the front of #TPROF; did you hear TKUFRPL; expansion SPAPBGS; in front TPHROPBT; in front of TPHROF; in front of the TPHROFT; gas station TKPWAGS; vehicle SREBG; accident happened STK-PD; the accident happened #STD-PD; accident occurred STKURD; the accident occurred #STKURD; prior to PRAO; prior to the PRAOT; pressure PRUR; medium PHAOEPLD; heavy H*EF; I was like EUFLS.Lit: is the S-T; as the S*T; Italy EULT; Italian *EULT; Germany SKWRAERPL; German SKWRA*ERPL; revenge R*EFPBLG; allies AELZ; destroy STROEU; University of TKPWRAO*UFRT; delirious TKHRAOERS; epidemic EP/TKEPL; disease STKAOEZ; numerous TPHAOURPLS; into SPWAOU; into the SPWAOUT; alarm HRAERPL; contain KAEUPB; disaster STKA*RS; emergency PH-PBLG; weapon WEP; Pacific PAFBG; marine PHAERPB; Marines PHA*ERPBZ; insect STPHEBGT; Cincinnati STPHAET.

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: Q&A: Watson WAOPBTS; approximately P-L; pathological PAO*LT; examination KP-GS; patient's PA*EURBTS; pathologist PAO*LGS; asbestos SPWES; asbestosis SPWESZ; diffuse TKWAOUS; it has to be T-TZ; index TKEBGS; emphysema SAEFPL; it can be T-FRBG; diagnosis TK-GS; rely R*L; realize R-L; rely on RO*L; relied on RO*LD; resolution RAOUGS; let's see SHRETS; let's say SHR*ETS; review R*FR.

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