Russian snipers killed german soldiers online dating

Russian snipers killed german soldiers online dating

Furlong shot at one of the combatants thrice, while taking on enemy fire, himself.The first one missed the target, the second one hit the other man’s backpack, while the third fatally struck the enemy’s torso.He was such an effective sniper that the Russians called him the “White Death” because of his winter camouflage.In under 100 days, Häyhä made 542 confirmed kills with an M/28-30 rifle, an average of five kills a day.He instead pointed 38 feet above and 56 feet to the left, hitting one man squarely in the chest and killing him instantly.In April 2004, Riechert was on top of an oil tank in the city of Lutifiya, Iraq when US Marines on the ground came under fire.In August 1993, Doug Conley threatened to kill himself with a revolver on a residential street, leading to a two-hour standoff with the police.Conley kept the pistol aimed at his head, so to end it, the authorities called in Plumb.

Using a Barrett M82A1, he fired a Raufoss NM140 MP 0.40 caliber bullet to hit an enemy combatant at a distance of over 2,299 meters (2,515 yards).To make things worse, the heat was ferocious and the wind was blowing hard.To compensate, Hughes did not aim his L96, 7.62 caliber rifle directly at his chosen target.At a distance of 2,430 meters (2,657 yards), it became the longest sniper shot on record.In March 2004, Kremer set a new record during the Iraqi War.

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Guessing where they might be standing, he managed to hit them all.

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