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Makci bogil

It wer to lang to reherse and not verie 25 ne[cessar] for \& p[rese]nt, it being knawin to sa mony quhat diverft purposis wer tane, quhat dangearis eschapit all \t. at voyage, ontill the quene come to Aberdene agane, and how miraculous wes \& victorie : bot ane thing is not to be pretermittit, 30 that Jje said chamaeleon wes ane of J)e reddiest to gnaw Jpe bainis of Jje deed, to spoyle J? e nobilitie, practiz[it] \& mariage of Jie quene and Henry Lord Dernlie, of ]? Bot afore he tooke horsse he called the said patrik asyde vnto him, and in pres- ence of the minister of rothemay he begun to ques- tioun him anent the testament and latter will maid be the said laite lady, and quarrellit the said patrik 20 for suffering hir to mak ony testament, as gif it had lyne in his pouer to haue stayed hir, alledgeing that all that scho had wes his birth right, and that no vtheris had interesse thairto.

Lyke as, he being walking in quiet maner afore the get, he wes almoist 30 surprysit of him, and with grite difficultie relevit him self within the house. For thy, hald jow fra the Court, for ocht that may be : 5one man that thow outrayd 10 Is not sa simpill as he said ; Thairon my lyfe dar I layd. This too is doubtful, though the Cock's complaint is that his find does not satisfy his hunger.

Quhilk being of the nature of ane challange, he wes forcet to undirtak the same, purpoislie to be red and quite of the said george truble. C[ Than vpon the morne airlie, quhen the day dew, The Coil3ear had greit thocht quhat he had vnder tanej He kest twa Creillis on ane Capill with Coillis anew, Wandit thame with widdeis, to wend on that wane.

And so, thay being sinderit, he past in to the place, and with grite intreaty wes moved to tak 15 some refreschement, and then to ly doun and tak rest ; bot he wes so fer distemperit and careyed with a cruell purpois of revenge as he could tak no rest, bot rease immediatlie, saying to his wyff, ' Jeane, I can tak no rest. Thair is ane evill turne in my hand, quhilk I avow to god presentlie to performe.' And with that he maid searche for the said mr williame, sua that he wes constrayned to reteir him selff to ane quiet chalmer and to hyde him selff. ' Mary, it is not my counsall, hot 3one man that je knew, 5 To do 50W in his gentrise,' said Gy Hane. ' It may me nouther exto U nor magnify.' modify is doubtful, though it is in Harl., and the con- traction is unusual.

And in this forme he detenit and held the said mr williame the space of tua houris as a pri- Foi. sonner undir his power, during the quhilk haill space the said mr williame euir expectit that he sould 30 have put violent handis in his persone, and that he sould have tane his lyff. 237 this overture vnto the said maister williame, — that he wold spare his lyff, gif he wold bring his bruther out of rothemay vnto him.

Quhilk propositioun being with reasoun reiectit be the said n^r williame, 5 as a mater vnworthie to be hard of and most vn- naturall to have bene performit on his pairt, he than urgeid the said mr williame to go with him to rothemay, and that he sould tak on with him and that he sould decyde his querrell with the said mr 10 william and his bruther.

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SPECIMENS OF MIDDLE SCOTS SPECIMENS ■''.e court had changeit as to J? eris diuerft quhais causi^ wer in his 10 protectioun, and )? e cuming hame of \)e quene \)e kingis moder he wes contrary to all hir actiouns and fauourabill to hir aduersaries and inclynit to hir depriuatioun, it is notourlie knawin bayth in Ingland and Scotland to sic as mellit J^an with ])e affairis of Jjc estait in bayth xo ]e empriouris brother, the said chamseleon applyit himself to all Jjir parteis, and 2o8 George Buchanan. 30 In this meintyme thair come in ane man at the Kirkdor, cled in ane blew gowne, beltit about him with ane row of lynning claith, ane pair of bots being 212 Lindesay of Pitscottie.

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