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I was expected to see sad and exhausted face on my screen, but I was met by a warm and happy smile. They tried it in the evening for a while and at the morning he found that all signs off illness and relapse are gone. He started to walk, and not just walk but run on the stairs. Now they are even more excited to get their own zapper. Wife of that gentlemen is a nurse at neurologist's office. Have been progressively getting worst for 10 years with Epstein-Barr virus/Mono. I do take a week off once in a while but my river blindness parasite was so extensive I had no idea and I felt a need to stay with the zapping daily as the infection was so large ...Unfortunately, at some point he overestimated his strength and pushed himself too far on running upstairs and ... So, she spread the word about what has happened and now a neurologist herself wants to have a zapper. 17, 2010 Dear Ken, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. When I ordered the Zapper I was not functioning ... as I have owned two successful businesses I could crank it up ... I have killed perhaps as many as one thousand worms and that is no exaggeration ...In just 15 minutes, I regained energy, my brain was alert again, and I started working with a good speed till late at night, with temperature going back to normal. I also used to have insomnia and sleep disorder for a few years. I was sentenced to have only three months to live and the people around me were all disappointed when I tried this and simply got cured. Please email me as soon as you can with directions on how to have fixed as soon as possible. Thanks to God, for leading me to you and the Ultimate Zapper, I have my life back!In just one month after using the UZ, I was cleared of Lyme Disease!

I can actually stay up late, and catch up with a nap the next day, and not have to "pay" for it for the rest of the week!

Recovery of the circuit in her brain was triggered directly by my hand-made equipment called aura coil. Today I got a very excited news and I want to share it with you.

But in the process after that, viruses nesting in the brain stem prevented the brain from recovering. After the elimination of viruses her recovery was so remarkable thanks to UZ. First of all, I received a new Ultimate Zapper today for my friends in Ukraine.

Secondly, those friends even before they received their own zapper are amazed of its power. During the week I got information that the guy for whom I ordered a zapper got a relapse of MS. My mother-in-law told me that she gave her own zapper to him until his own will arrive.

So, this morning I connected to the guy via Skype to tell that his zapper is on its way. During the week he was sitting near the open window and got sick. His wife call to my mother-in-law, told about that relapse and my mother-in-law gave to them a zapper. for what it is worth Ken, I zap twice daily and have for months ...

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Every day is a celebration of being set free from the "ball and chain" of chronic fatigue!

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