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Look at the USNChanged attribute and make a note of the value. For Description put "Base ‘DC" (without the enclosing quotes).Next, open up the application event log on the Exchange server responsible for the RUS. This will take you to the most recent search for changes against the domain naming context: Event Type: Information Event Source: MSExchange AL Event Category: LDAP Operations Event ID: 8011 Description: Searching directory base ‘DC=bilong, DC=test’ using filter ‘(&(The resulting text file will contain a list of properties on the RUS object.Troubleshooting the Recipient Update Service (RUS) using Event Logs – Part 1 (This is a first part of the series on troubleshooting RUS issues with the use of Diagnostics Logging. 🙂 Many RUS problems can be identified through careful examination of the application event log.It is useful to use event logging to troubleshoot the RUS for many different behaviors, such as when the RUS is not stamping objects at all, appears to be taking a long time, or is stamping them with the wrong proxy addresses.Just after the 8011 you should find an 8012: Event Type: Information Event Source: MSExchange AL Event Category: LDAP Operations Event ID: 8012 Description: Search of directory base ‘DC=bilong, DC=test’ returned 16 objects.If you do not find an 8012 event corresponding to the 8011, then Exchange did not see a response to that search.This article describes how to use the event log to identify these issues.

For more information on how the RUS queries for changes, see KB:328738 .So if the RUS is not working as expected against new or modified objects (the objects that would be touched by an Update Now), running a Rebuild will not help.Because of the time it can take for a Rebuild to complete in a large environment, carefully consider how much time it will take to resume normal RUS operation before you choose to do a Rebuild.If you are seeing this behavior repeatedly, it’s best to get a netmon trace capturing the behavior so the network problem can be identified.If the search returned 0 objects, then the Exchange server computer account did not have permissions to see that user object.

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Once you know which RUS you’re looking at, and which user you’re expecting it to stamp, you can begin taking a closer look at what the RUS is doing.

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