Child sex websites

Child sex websites

During the hearing on the “Protecting Young Victims of Sexual Abuse Act,” senators warned the Olympic Committee that they would take action, described sexual abuse as “a parent’s worst nightmare” and declared that “protecting children from abusers has been a top priority” of Capitol Hill. When one examines more broadly what Congress could — but has thus far failed — to do with current legislation to protect even more children from sexual abuse, one sees a very different picture. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) stated that they were there to build on a bipartisan commitment and to “learn what more can be done to keep our nation’s children and young athletes safe from sexual predators.” One thing they could learn to do is answer the call that 47 state attorneys general made four years ago and amend the law that not only permits Internet and tech companies like to profit from the sale of children online but actually gives them immunity in doing so.

Until very recently, was the largest online marketplace for child sex trafficking.

It also benefits from the support of government ministries as well as other public and private actors, including from the tourism sector, in the 16 countries involved.

(1) Information campaigns to raise public awareness (of tourists and travellers in particular).

For example, just last month, Congress repealed FCC privacy restrictions on Internet Service Providers that would limit their ability to collect and sell information about ordinary citizens to the highest bidder. The very same entities opposed to amending Section 230.

Welcome to the International Platform against child sex tourism!

Helping you to report the sexual exploitation of children in the context of travel and tourism.

In certain narrow contexts, the First Amendment has yielded to other societal needs, such as not constitutionally protecting threats.

If one can’t threaten a 13-year-old with rape, one should not be able to facilitate the rape.

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Perhaps that same culture of money has successfully targeted Congress as well.

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