Bc and ad dating system

Because when all else fails, one can always deny the facts and use different labels (i.e., “intelligent design”).There are, however, several excellent reasons for Christians to leave behind the BC/AD dating system. literally means 'the 1945th year of our lord', the lord in question being Jesus Christ, providing a religious context and clearly distinguishing the time from an earlier era, where B. was popularised by Bede, but is increasingly replaced with C. Christians have offered many reasons for maintaining the BC/AD system.Many Christians perceive the BCE/CE system to be an affront to Christianity. E is an abbreviation for ' Before Common Era', a non-religious alternative to the use of B. in designating the first period of the Gregorian calendar, the era of prehistory and much of antiquity.

Some simply appeal to arguments of tradition and familiarity with the system.

The purpose of this is to remove religious connotations in historical references.

E or "Common Era." The new reference names were introduced by Jewish academics in the 19th century.

as a fulfillment of the prophecy in Philippians that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

But this is just semantics because the transition point between B.

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It's easy to look at the fact both dating systems use the same zero date, and so have the same numbers for the same events, and conclude this is all pointless, why not just do the older system (I have actually been told this in response to the article.) But we live in a multi faith world where using 'the year of our lord' can be galling to many people, and the new system reflects a move to a broader, less restricted unit.

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